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The end of my weblog

Posted on 3/1/2010 at 21:24 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

The last six weeks I put twelve weblogs about all kind of things about airplanes.


I have talked about a lot of airlines in the world, and about theire strategies. We now know which companies are the biggest in the airline world, and which one are the most important. I have talked about the avation tax, which were a lot in the news. Also I talked about the safety rules on the airports and the aircrafts. We now know that the safety rules are very strict, but that sometimes somebody can pass the safety checks. 


I had to do this for my Englisch class, but I really like to do write this blogs. I have learn a lot about airlines but also learn to write a lot Englisch.


I hope you enjoy reading this blog, this was my last blog about this subject!




Airlines part 2

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Last time I talked about the consequences of the low prices from airline tickets. Today I will go further in this problem.

The lower prices are established trough a lot of savings on distribution of tickets ( like online sales )

Also they have limiting the service on board ( no meals or snacks ) and the classical distinction between econmy class and the business class to drop. The rates are often very greatly depending on booking date.

The lowest price are going to the earliest bookers, and the highest prices to the late decision makers. Airlines are often put on their sites special offers and last minutes tickets, which can be very cheap. The biggest and most famous in Europe operating budget airlines are EasyJet and Ryanair.

For passengers this is a good change, but for other airlines its a bad change.




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A airline is a company that transport by air, passengers transport of freight transport. Airlines are often act as a national symbol for a country, a fact underlined by colors and names. They always get a lot of support from the government.

In the european union the carriers are increasingly considered to stand on theire one legs, for a lot of arlines means that they got falliet. For example the airlines from Belgium ( Sabena ) and Switzerland ( Swissair ). Also KLM had to transfer with Air France to continue. That's the reason that KLM lost there titel for the world's oldest independent company. The biggest airlines are flying also to international destinations, but the smaller airlines are limited to their own area. So they have to deal with a harder competition. Many airlines have joined together in partnerships to work more efficiently and to offer the passengers a wider network.

For several years, Europe is facing a new phenomenon low cost budget airlines. These are airlines that offer tickets at greatly reduced prices. This is one of the reasons that airlines are going falliet.

Next time I tell more about this subject,



aircraft safety

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The safety of the aircraft


 The aircraft itself make a major contribution to safety. Building an airplane is a lot and very strict requirements that are agreed internationally. Even the companies that build aircraft will be inspected or comply with the rules and regulations keep. These rules and regulations have to do with design, construction, maintenance and production of components. If the unit is ready it will be tightly controlled. For example, consider whether the aircraft meets the requirements of airworthiness. If so, the first Certificate of Airworthiness issued (BVL).  Thereafter each year test the aircraft is still airworthy. A plane is technically 100% approved. Often it takes months for a aircraft is all around inspections. But that's not all. Once a device is approved and the flight started, then very often and very thoroughly maintained.The aircraft maintenance is a very time consuming and detailed task that is performed by the technical staff of an airline. At Rotterdam Airport, you can clearly see that when you fly. What is also very important when it comes to security, is the (redundant) equipment is on board. Nothing can go wrong without notice through the pilots. And at the slightest or grabs the pilot decided to make a stop or even to return. One of the devices that are present in most aircraft is TCAS. TCAS means Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System.This system allows the pilot to all other traffic for miles around, to 60 kilometer ver 'see'.When danger threatens sounds a warning signal and the command to fall or rise. The pilot can change direction or altitude to avoid a possible collision.





Safety checks on Schiphol

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This week was it in the news, terrorist trying to hijack an airplane and make it explode. Every time this thing happend the whole world is scared. Every time everyone asked “how is t possible that terrorist can get in a aircraft with explosives?”.

Schiphol said that everyone who wants to go in private areas has to go through a security check.You need a badge from schiphol with a photo on it and your name. This badge you get if you want to work by Schiphol, you have to make a test and your history is going to be checked. If they want to exclude terrorist they have to do this with every employee.

For the people who are flying with a aircraft from Schiphol, is also waiting a whole security check. Luggage wil be checked, and you have to go through a bodyscan.

These checks have to make sure that it is save to fly with a aircraft.



Schiphol airport

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Schiphol airport is the biggest airport in Holland. Schiphol was established in 1916 as a military airfield but in 1920 KLM flew his first flight from Schiphol and from then Schiphol was a civilian airport. They were growing very fast, they have six runways, so they can handle a lot of aircrafts. Schiphol has a total area of 2787 hectares. Schiphol plaza is always known as a "shoppingmall" and as a place where a lot catering establishments are. With a total of 42 shops and 26 food stands.Schiphol is also a major employer, they provide a total of 65,009 people.


Every day they carrying thousands of people to various destinations throughout the world. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has a lot of connection in the world, in 2008 they fly tot 262 European airports and to 87 international airports. In one year they carrying 47,4 million people from Schiphol, that's way they are standing fifth in the rankings.


Schiphol is not the only airport in Holland, we are having also airports in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Lelystad. That's why Holland is very important for air traffic.


This was it for this week!




Aviation tax

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It was the last time, often in the news the discussion about the aviation tax.
But how does that works? Aviation tax is a tax that must be paid by the customers from the airlines.

The Netherlands is using this tax for the airports in Holland, but not every country has introduces this kind of tax. Examples are the airports in Belgium and Germany, they don't use the tax. The result for this problem is that de people in Holland are going to fly from the airports in Belgium and Germany, and not from there own airport ( Schiphol ).

So the airports in the Netherlands are under a lot of  pressure, they are losing there people. After a lot of discussing there is a solution, the taxs are almost
abolished. But the problem is that it is still cheaper to fly from another airport.

so a lot of people are using still the other aiports. Holland is thinking of another solution. Next time more about this subject!



Strategies from the airlines Part 2

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last time I told you about the marketing strategies from the biggest airlines, but how are the smaller airlines promoting theire company?

These airlines have fewer resources available, then the major airlines. So they must find another way, they can ad advertenties in several travelmagazines, but that is not good enough to compete to provide. The most common way is to contract big travel agencys. This way they brought to the attention of customers, and this way they are seen as the cheapest. And if they are first offered to the customers at the travel agency they get a lot of customers. 

Another way to promote is putting your cheapest tickets on a website how is telling the customers how they can fly against the lowest price. They best known is, that is a site that all kind of tickets supllier from different airlines. They customer can search on the cheapest and every airline wants to be that! These ways are much cheaper than for example tv- commercials.

I punt another blog next week!



strategies from the airlines

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Last week I told you about the airline Transavia, now I am going to tell about the marketing strategies airlines using to promote there Airline.

Each airline is promoting there companie the same way! They have commercials, stand in travel magazines and stunts with low prices. But what distinguishes them from each other?

KLM sees themself as the best , they have some goals for where they promote there companie:
– Vision and Leadership
– Best product
– Best workplaces

KLM was also the first major airline in the Netherlands completely overhauled their website, so customers could easily and quickly find everything on the site. They could book flights, check when the flights are leaving and book the best places in the airline. After the introduction from the site they other airlines overhauled their sites to.

Transavia has other goals then KLM, they don't want to be the best( and the most expensive ). Transavia wants to offer a lot of comfort for less money. That's the reason why they stunts with their prices and emphasize that they are the cheapest

Next time more about this subject!





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Last week I told you all about the big fly companie KLM, this time I am going to talk about another big company Transavia.

Transavia is a famous airline in The Netherlands, is
established in the end of 1965. On 14 November 1966 they get a license to fly form the airport “ Schiphol “,

The company has Schiphol as home for the airline, from it they fly to all kinds of destinations, in Europe and Africa. In 1991 was Transavia 25 years old, in that year they got a subsidiary from KLM. So Transavia is not a very big concurrent from KLM, they work a little bit together. Since December 2004 they changed there names from Transavia airlines to, there was a reason for they internet site from Transavia was so important for the company, that they want to changed the name in the internetsite.


But what kind of strategies are airlines using for promotion from there airline? next week I tell you all about that!





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In the Netherlands we have different airlines, total we have six. The biggest three are Transavia, KLM and Martinair. They all want the same, to be the cheapest and the best. Today I am going to tell something about KLM, this is the biggest airline in the Netherlands. They are now 90 years old, and therefore the oldest airline of the Netherlands. KLM operates  2004 in close cooperation with Air France, under the holding AIR FRANCE KLM.KLM carries more than twenty million passengers annually. Approximately three quarters of them used Schiphol, KLM's home base, as a transfer airport.KLM wants to distinguish themselves through deliver good service and quality and offer services for a low price. KLM is a member of the skyteam, thats a organization what counts eleven airlines, they have each day 16.000 flights and they fly to 850 different destinations.

I hope you learn something about KLM this time, Wednesday I am going to tell something about the competition between KLM and Transavia.



Introduction about my weblog

Posted on 25/11/2009 at 22:25 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


I’m Nadine and I studied at the Haagse Hogeschool for the first year now. We have a assignment for English, I have to put two times a week for six weeks a blog on the internet about a subject that we like to tell about. We had to choose a subject what connecting to our education, I study Commercial Economy and our majoring is marketing, so we got to tell about marketing strategies. I have to chose to tell you about the competition between airlines.
The big fuss about aviation taxes are often in the news, every airline has another opinion. Prices are also reduced because of competition between the different airlines. The upcoming six weeks I will tell you everything about this problem en the different airlines. I hope you enjoy reading it and that you give some comment on it. The next time I will blog is Friday!

Regards, Nadine